LMEY Investments creates profit and value with luxury hotel and leisure properties

Success due to professional turnaround management

LMEY 2017 – 2019:

+44% new rooms

+33% new hotels

LMEY Investments

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Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and vast experience in property development and leisure, LMEY Investments has built up a magnificent worldwide hotel and leisure portfolio since 2012. The portfolio’s value has increased strongly due to our diligent management and the care we devote to renovations and upgrades. Supported by extensive experience in turnaround management, the operating results are manifestly above average. Moreover, optimum use has been made in many cases of opportunities for expansion of the existing hotel locations by the development activities.

Two new resorts are recently delivered by LMEY Investments, one in Calabria and one on Ibiza. The majority of the portfolio is operated by using our own brands, Aldiana, AMA and OKU hotels. A number of hotels owned by LMEY Investments are also operated under the management of Robinson and Van der Valk hotels. Besides the 23 hotels and resorts throughout the world that are currently part of the portfolio of LMEY Investments, it is always looking for new opportunities to achieve its growth ambitions.