Who we are

Who we are

Welcome to LMEY Investments! LMEY Investments is an investment company established in 2012 with a focus on hotel and leisure properties. At present, we are active with 23 hotels and/or resorts in nine countries with a total of more than 4,500 hotel rooms, rising to more than 5,650 hotel rooms after completion of our expansion plans. We employ a workforce totalling around 4,800 employees at our hotels.





Following the acquisition of the first hotel in 2012, LMEY Investments has experienced very substantial growth. Within seven years, the company has grown into a business with 23 hotels and more than 4,800 employees. That growth will continue in the years ahead with the development of several new hotels.
LMEY Investments has a majority stake of 58% in Aldiana, a premium club and activity-focused tour operator and hotel management company based in Germany. Aldiana currently operates eight club resorts and plans to open another four resorts over the next two years. 

Success due to professional turnaround management

The success of LMEY Investments is mainly attributable to a professional and entrepreneurial turnaround program that is carried out at all hotels. As part of this program, our experience in property development is deployed to achieve optimum use of the hardware. At the same time renovations and upgrades are carried out efficiently, and in several locations the number of beds is being increased substantially. Due to the acquisition of the club hotel brand Aldiana in 2016, greater influence can be exerted on policy in hotels and there is direct contact with the end users, the guests. The information obtained from our guests’ feedback and experience is incorporated in developments for the future. We invest in existing hotel and leisure properties, develop club, boutique and recreational hotels and leisure properties, and expand existing hotels and resorts by building luxury apartments. We invest in hotel brands and work closely with professional market parties.

Do you see opportunities for working with us?

With our experience and above all our ability to swiftly seize business opportunities, LMEY Investments is a good potential partner for parties wishing to sell some or all of their hotel or leisure properties. LMEY Investments acts vigorously to capitalize on promising opportunities at a national as well as international level. Our knowledge and proven track record make us an attractive partner.


Aldiana Salzkammergut

Aldiana Hochkönig

Aldiana Crete

Aldiana Cyprus

Aldiana Djerba Atlantide

Aldiana Alcaidesa

Aldiana Andalucia

Aldiana Fuertaventura


Robinson Club Arosa

Robinson Club Schlanitzen Alm

Robinson Club Ampflwang

AMA Andalusia

Alpincenter Hamburg

Aldiana Calabria

Aldiana Maledives

Hotel Acor Playa

Aldiana Wittenburg

Extensive portfolio

Our virtually unique combination of knowledge, experience and drive has made it possible for us to build an extensive and successful portfolio of luxury hotels, club hotels and resorts in tourist destinations across Europe (Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Germany and the Netherlands), including many attractive recreational facilities, in a relatively short time. LMEY believes that organisations require scale in the travel industry in order to safeguard their continued existence in the future. Anchored by this strong basis, we are pursuing further strategic expansion. Besides expansion in Europe, this strategy also involves building a portfolio in premium locations outside Europe as well.


Power is shifting in the world of travel. The landscape of traditional distribution is changing and meeting the requirements of guests who travel all over the world calls for continually innovative propositions/experiences. Accordingly, hotel and leisure property investors need to show flexibility and take vigorous and decisive action in order to respond to these changes and remain a fully fledged partner in the chain. This also requires scale so as to counteract the trends towards consolidation in the market.


LMEY Investments seeks to be an innovative and enterprising international hotel and leisure property business in the travel industry that acts vigorously and decisively to achieve sufficient growth aimed at safeguarding as well as strengthening its strong market position going forward.


LMEY Investments sets itself apart by close cooperation with its partners and investors and transforms existing hotel and leisure properties into successful and robustly profitable businesses.

The LMEY team is characterised by an innovative approach and an agile strategy focusing on opportunities with the aim of building a geographically diversified portfolio consisting of luxury, club, boutique and recreational hotels and leisure properties with a conservative capital structure.

LMEY focuses on building long-term relationships with internationally renowned hotel brands to pursue further growth and development of the hotel and leisure portfolio. LMEY Investments offers its partners a virtually unique combination of knowledge and know-how in the hotel property market on the one hand and entrepreneurship and experience in turnaround management on the other.